Do you want to be profitable and purposeful over popular?


Biz Bestie® is where I support women who love their business and want to build trust with their audience by being seen and encouraging their clients to connect with them by communication consistency and clarity.

Make Your Biz a Priority.

I certainly will.

Understand Your Target Market

Target Market Intelligence and working with the people you love and who love you, connection accountability and support is what the Biz Bestie is all about. In an ever-evolving online space, we need to learn to accept technology, algorithms and the need to be visible. It is time to own who our clients are and become experts in them.  When establishing biz, you need to create an audience that is willing to spend money on your service or product.  You do not have extra time or money to waste.   Become Target Market Intelligent. 

You are Already an Expert in What You Do

It is time to stop watering down their expertise by scattering their message to everyone. I want them to embrace their brilliance by deeply serving a group of people who align with them. It’s time to see it as a blessing, not a constraint. 

You are already an expert in your passion or modality, sometimes this doesn’t mean that you can set up a biz and the foundations you need to create a sustainable biz that you enjoy and that can pay the bills.  Let me help you identify your purpose, courage and foundations so you can create your uniqueness in biz

biz bestie® Testimonials

Thank you so much, Nicol, for an amazing session! I can't believe how insightful the DISC profile was and how much I learnt about myself. I feel I'm now more aware of how I can better communicate with others to my fullest potential and will also help me to grow as person and better my business with practical steps. Thank you! I highly recommend using Courageous You 🙂

Susie Monte – Susie Monte Art

I booked a session with Nicol when I was feeling really lost and confused about my niche. I was feeling really hopeless about my business because I just couldn't find a direction that was right for me. I read some other reviews here that encouraged me to just go for it and book a session and I'm SO happy I did. Within moments, I felt comforted by Nicol's gentle presence and soon after that I finally had the clarity I've been looking for. Nicol listened to me, where I was at and how I was feeling, and she also asked the right questions that challenged me to dig deeper. She consistently checked in to make sure that each decision felt right to me. I'm now on my way in a direction that I feel really good about and that feels so aligned with my purpose in life. I'm so excited about my next steps in biz. Nicol has been so generous with her time, even after the session we had, she continues to offer her support. So I'm gonna say what other people said to me that helped me jump in: if you're already thinking about it booking a session, do it sooner than later. You won't regret it.

Orit Krug – Orit Krug

Thank you, Nicol, for the session where were nutted down on my purpose in business. Love how you were able to articulate it into words for me, just by listening and asking the right questions ~ and it all formed in a beautifully simple & profound way that's easy for me to remember. After the session, I had more realisations of deeper layers to my purpose... things I was already doing, but now they've been articulated. And easy to draw on whenever needed. Thank you! Highly recommended.

Leah Foley – Invoke Spirit

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