Are you Target Market Intelligent?

I learnt how important being Target Market intelligent the hard way. I studied hard and have lots of qualifications and could help everyone! No one wanted what I was selling? Furthermore, I saw that people were struggling they still weren’t buying my service. It occurred to me at the time I had two choices, Give up or Ask! The importance of the need to work with these women won. As a result, I decided to ask what it was that the women I wanted to work with “What they ACTUALLY WANTED in a session with me.
Your Audience


What is Target Marketing?

Target Market Research above all allows you to find your target audience. Who will spend money on your service and product? The most noteworthy, Target Market research can be used for the copy in your messaging and content.  To begin with clarity around who your client is, it unquestionably helps you to create a clearer biz strategy.  Consequently, from your Target Market, interviews you learn very quickly what a client will pay for.  What they specifically will respond to.  Good niches don’t just fall into your lap, they must be carefully crafted.  
Obviously, creating a niche can become challenging when you have the skills to help everyone.  As I have noted not every client wants to be an everyone as you will learn in your Target Market interviews.  Also, the more interviews that you do, the more you will become an expert in your target customer.  Serving them where they are creating an urgency around what they consider what they want to work on.

Creating a Callout

The next step is asking potential clients to do market research in a request that they will recognise.  It is time to create a callout.  A Callout is a request written to a specific client who you think will be your ideal audience.

It is important for you to think about what emotions and problems your potential interviewee will have?  Will the person answering fall into your target market?  It is in this request that you start showing up as an expert in your target customer.  Your callout is created now introduce it to the communities that your client would hang out.

However, I recommend not asking friends and family to participate in your research. They will often answer with what they consider their best intentions for you.  Which means they can answer how they think you want an answer or play devil’s advocate out of fear for you.  Equally important is to remember if you aren’t attracting the audience you want or think you wanted it is important to review your callout.

Are you Target Market Intelligence

The Interview

  • Before you do your target market interview choose at least 10 questions that you will use to find out about your target customer’s world.  It is important to clarify if your understanding and your clients understanding of a word is the same – or is relevant to the situation in the interview.  Remember to ask do you have permission to record your interview.
  • A point overlooked is not to summarise what the clients are saying.  The gold is in hearing the language used.
  • Don’t forget to offer your free session/ lesson/ freebie as gratitude for participating in your interviews. Sharing your expertise, allows you to create a know, like, trust factor with your interviewee.  Your services are reviewed and recommended to others.

So I have all of this information, What next?

Interviews are an invaluable tool that can create an amazing connection with a wider audience.  They can create sales and recommendations.  A great Target Market interview helps you to be an expert in your client.  When your target audience is listening to you and that you genuinely want to hear about their life and what outcomes they want in their life you create a connection for them to want more.  Sometimes they are not your ideal client, then you have created a trust to be recommended to their network.

The importance of knowing your Target customer.

At the beginning of this blog, I shared with you I wished I hadn’t learnt TMI the hard way.  Target Market intelligence is an important foundation to have when you are establishing your biz.  It is used when you create your niche, purpose statement as well as including your personal brand.

In my interviews, I interviewed thirty women.  My number one learning came from not one of them cared what I was experienced in, nor what study and qualifications I had.  They took it for granted that if I was advertising I could help them and charging them they safely could assume I knew what I was doing.

It was important to all of them that I understood them and could validate their understanding of what they needed. They did not resonate with modality words.

Target Market Intelligence.

In summary, I can not share enough that it is important for your target audience to know that you are an expert in there needs.  Using your Target Market research to create your niche is focusing on the strength of our message and tailoring your message to a specific client by using their language and creating an offer that they want to buy.

Do you need further help?

If you would like to explore this further, Download your Target Market Intelligence EBOOK (15 A4 pages).   It includes an example callout and three pages of questions you can use in your callout and notes that you should keep in the interview.

Your Audience

Become Target Market Intelligent

It is time for you to become an expert in the people who are looking for your expertise.

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