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Business Strategy for the online business woman!

Business strategy for the online business woman.  Women in business bring different skills and challenges to their business. It is important to me when offering business strategy to you that I provide strategies that maximise your capabilities and minimise the problems. It is essential to factor in what else is going on in your life.

My business strategy sessions, whether they be 1:1, VIP, Mastermind or courses, are designed for you. Every business strategy supports you with guidance, accountability and friendship to help you grow and manage your business for profit.

1:1  Business Strategy

1:1 Business Strategy

Its your time to propel your business into profit

Business Strategy sessions to propel your business into profit. Align your purpose, passion and paying client with the businesswoman you want to be. Masterminds and courses are valuable in your business but continually signing up to them without a plan and not knowing where you need them in your business can create overwhelm and frustration and eats into your savings. Don’t avoid 1:1 session or becoming a VIP because of the perceived expense; it will save you money, in the long run, knowing what outcomes your business needs to achieve and how you are going to make them.

In a 1:1 session, we connect online to create business strategies that align with you — starting with your purpose and your passion for being in business and the challenges that you may have. It is also essential that we know who your paying client is. (Your Paying client is the audience who have said they will make your service/ product a priority to PAY not only to hope they will.”) Our discussions will also lead to the outcomes that your business need to achieve for it to be successful. Together we will develop business strategies that will align with your personality, capacity and capabilities so you can embody the businesswoman you want to be.

Are you ready to become a Biz Bestie VIP Stop playing small, trying to be everything to everyone become the mistress of your business and let your expertise shine. Embody who you are and empower those whom you help by creating visibility, impact and awareness.



Educational| Accountability | Support


If you are frustrated with the challenges you have in business and want someone to show you the way; it is time to be apart of a community of supportive, like-minded women on a similar journey as you.

You will get access to valuable training, live Q&A sessions with Nicol, small group sessions up to 10 other members and 1-1 opportunities.

It’s everything you need to stay on track and create growth and manage a wildly successful business.



Visible | Awarness| Impact

Optimise Your Business Know your outcomes

Sales play’s a vital role in any online business. You are creating loyalty and trust between your business and clients. As businesswomen, we must think about the sales process through our client’s experience. If the sales process is positive, our client’s experience is generally favourable. The sales process starts with marketing your brand. The process is in your hands; what you say and how you say it is essential. If the process is to remain positive, you can’t make inflated claims or be too icky.  Join Nicol in developing content that will create sales then you can join her to learn how to Optimise them on your Youtube channel in her newest course YouTube 101. 

Ready to have business strategy in your biz?

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