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 13th April 2020

Don’t Settle For Less

Optimise Your Business Know your outcome

Sales play’s a vital role in any online business. You are creating loyalty and trust between your business and clients. As businesswomen, we must think about the sales process through our client’s experience. If the sales process is positive, our client’s experience is generally favourable. The sales process starts with marketing your brand. The process is in your hands; what you say and how you say it is essential. If the process is to remain positive, you can’t make inflated claims or be too icky.

Charge Forward

Business Roadmaps Built Exactly To Your Needs

Marketing strategy aims to turn your audience into paying clients. It is essential that in all of our content, we strive to make it easy for your client to say yes to prioritising your service for them!
  • Create video content that is relevant to your paying client.
  • Know when and where to use content you are creating
  • Know the outcome of all the content you are creating.

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It is time to create content that turns your relationships into sales – 14 week live round

why Video

Systemise & Streamline your content planning

have an evergreen strategy to sell your services without the ick

Create sales content with Know Like & Trust that converts

understand your clients buying journey

Develop VIdeo’s you can repurpose Across Social media

co-working and accountability to make sure you get ROI on your investment

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make your service or product priority for your clients to say YES

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Course Schedule

Bonus Why Video

Streamline your Video Planning in Asana or Paper


Live Round Begins

 Lesson 1 –

Pre-recorded Video Tutorial – 10 am 13th April 2020

Q&A – 10 am 16th February 2020

Co-working 10 am 23rd April 2020

Lesson 2 –

Pre-recorded Video Tutorial -10 am – 27th April 2020

Q&A – 10 am 30th April 2020

Co-working – 10 am 7th MAy 2020

Lesson 3 –

Pre-recorded Video Tutorial -10 am – 11th May 2020

Q&A – 10 am 14th May 2020

Co-working – 10 am 21st May 2020

Lesson 4 –

Pre-recorded Video Tutorial -10 am – 25th May 2020

Q&A – 10 am 28th May 2020

Co-working – 10 am 4th June 2020


Lesson 5 –

Pre-recorded Video Tutorial -10 am -9th June 2020

Q&A – 10 am 11th June 2020

Co-working – 10 am 18th June 2020


Lesson 6 –

Pre-recorded Video Tutorial -10 am – 22nd June 2020

Q&A – 10 am 25th June 2020

Co-working – 10 am 2nd July  2020

Lesson 7 –

Pre-recorded Video Tutorial -10 am -6th July 2020

Q&A – 10 am 9th July 2020

Co-working – 10 am 16th July 2020

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