Target Market Intelligence

Do you know who your Target Market is?

Are you Target Market Intelligent? Do you know who your Target Market is? The following ideas will help you bring your perfect client out of hiding and onto your client list. Understanding your Target Market is the key to having a successful online business.  

Knowing whom your target market is reducing the frustration in your business as you know who your paying client is, what they will respond too and most importantly, what they will pay for again and again.


Are you ready to position yourself as the go-to-expert in your field, and clearly communicate your value to your clients so that they have to work with YOU!

Are you ready to see engagement and CONVERSION from your messaging? 

Are you ready to know what, where, or how often you should be posting online?

Marketing and Selling should be something we do for people NOT something we do to them. 

Target Market research is for you, if:

We connect with our clients by having Know, Like and Trust, which develops when we know our clients so well we create relationships with through understanding what their lives are like and how they describe it. If you are ready to be an expert in your clients buying journey and understanding the frustrations and challenges they have along with their wins and celebrations will allow you to offer them the outcome they want to make a priority in their life.

“CEOs that build their organization’s processes, technology and culture around the experience buyers want and value outperform their peers. That starts by aligning sales and marketing, not by resolving differences between them, but by resolving differences between them and the buyer.” – Christine Crandell

“Not personalising your message is the biggest mistake you can make while selling to customers.” – Lacey Bell

Target Market defines:

If you are tired of writing sales copy, that does not convert or have social media posts that are not getting engagement. You are turning up within your networks and are hearing crickets. Your services and products may be able to help everyone, but not everyone cares. Most people, no matter how you present it and regardless of how cheap you offer it, your current audience may never connect with it. Even if you gave it to them for free, they might never take the time to try it or acknowledge it.

It is time to find and build your audience with people who are ready to be your client.

  • learn the words your client uses to explain
    • their pain points
    • the outcome they want
  • where the search for more information/ solutions
  • how do they want to receive their information
  • learn where they hang out online – which social platform if any?


Download Your Target Market Intelligence Ebook

Give more and be more within your clients personal and business lives, using relationships to form connections and to grow your business sustainably. Whether it be for creating sales copy, SEO, engaging social media content, paid advertising there success is whether or not you develop relationships with your clients.  In this Ebook I explain how important asking your prospective audience if they are you client, where you can use the information you receive and over one hundred questions you can use in your interviews.  You can also read more here.