You have created your Biz and invested in the sparkly business tools. It looks like a business; you also may have studied hard and had many learnt life experiences that will help soothe a weary soul.   Alas, watching everyone that came before you made it look easy as they welcome clients and testimony’s. They have all the new apps, and wow they are employing team members.  All of these people must be making money.

If you participate in all the courses, in the kingdom of online, it will rub off, and you will start to receive an income.  If the Royal bearers say if you follow the processes the money will come. Alas, your bank account says neigh.     If you find the Geanie and grants you the 3-wishes, you will have everything the business fairytale promised.  You will know the words to use; those clients will suddenly appear.  The other’s who do the same as you suddenly see your awesomeness and choose to do something else to make way for your brilliance.

Wouldn’t it be nice?

Wouldn’t it be nice,  so much about business is not romantic. There are not very many overnight successes out there.  Unfortunately, the truth is the more businesses that operate in the online space; and the more obstacles are put in our place although I do like to see them as possibilities.  

A leading expert quoted that she has a 5% conversion rate of her warm audience; and they will purchase from her. It will take 90 days to decide to work with her before they invest in her system.  According to her, the industry average is 0.5% of a person’s warm audience will buy from them.  A warm audience is a person seeing your message 18 -23 times.

A message is your umbrella statement for your business; that encompasses your purpose, who you help and the outcome you will provide your clients. Your message is an essential tool along with consistency that you will need in your biz and its free.  Your message is copy, video, social media, spoken word; it is your unique selling point that you have created and is always underlying in everything we do.

Target Audience – Your Royal Subjects

You know the purpose of why you are creating your services; having to know your target audience and having Target Market Intelligence allows you to understand what clients will buy from you; and not what you want to sell them) how valuable the service is to them.  You will also learn what the magic words are to create a pitch that will resonate with your audience to encourage them to purchase.

The successful biz does not exist if you do not know everything about your client. Men and women don’t “want” the same thing in the same way, nor does a 25-year-old buy what a 50-year-old will buy.  They all purchase shoes but rarely the same ones!

In my ebook, I suggest you speak to as many of your proposed audience as you can.  If your call out isn’t getting the necessary response, are you putting it where your audience is? Is your call out not easy enough for your clients to say yes?  Our target audience must be able to recognise they are our client; we need to understand what they want; they trust we will help them with what they need when they are ready.  A confused mind says NO.

When the clock strikes midnight, and your carriage is turning back into a pumpkin don’t lose heart, a business isn’t a fairytale.  The truth is we create a business with stars in our eyes and often with the goal to change the world, and I do believe in you that you will usually it just takes time to build your foundations and become an expert in your target audience.

Reach your Target Audience

If you want to reach your clients and create a connection with them I have a  package to help you become an expert in your target audience.  My Target Market Intelligence package includes 2 sessions and 30-day support (Business Hours) to help you identify your collective.

  • Using your Target Market research to create your niche is focusing on the strength of our message and tailoring your message to a target audience by using their language and creating an offer they want to buy.
  • If you would like to explore this further, Download your Target Market Intelligence EBOOK (15 A4 pages).   It includes an example callout and three pages of questions you can use in your callout and notes you should keep in the interview.
Your Audience

Become Target Market Intelligent

It is time for you to become an expert in the people who are looking for your expertise.

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