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Build your Brand Authority

Build your Brand in 5-Days



Build your Brand Authority

Building your Brand Authority is more than having a pretty website.  Having a brand authority makes you the go-to expert in your business.  Having authority in your brand creates trust with your clients and potential paying clients.  You will create consistency in your message so your clients can rely on the level of service you will share with them.   I promise there are no hoops to jump through or talk about improving who you are!  We will celebrate your uniqueness and how awesome and amazing you are to want to serve your audience through a service or a product.

The first lesson I will share with you is to show-up, sometimes we choose to search for perfection because we don’t trust ourselves.  Creating your brand authority by being you is the greatest way to serve your clients and create trust immediately.

Brand Authority reflects the degree to which you market your businesses expertise on different platforms. An active online presence, compelling content, and engagement over social media are some of the significant factors that influence how your clients will trust you.

Build your brand authority

Discover How-to


Stop struggling to show up consistently on social media/online?   I get it; it’s not easy to come up with a consistent brand and message every time you log on.

Learn to be visible and start networking with like-minded women.  You will also begin creating a Social media guide that you will be able whether it be Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Search engines now focus more on how your clients perceive things when they use search engines. Learn your targeted keywords and the importance of them.  It is it’s essential to adopt a more personalised approach and think more about your clients and what they want in order to build a sound web presence for your brand. 

Creating authenticity and demonstrating your business’s personality  reflects the professionalism to which you market your businesses expertise on different digital channels.

You will be amazed how much your confidence will grow when you are truly in love with what your Brand represents and the authority it gives.

Did you know:
There are tons of people out there searching for your exact services.  You just need to be found and create a relationship with your Audience and you can do this with the 5-Day Build your Brand Authority

This training is for you if:

  • You are ready to position yourself as the go-to-expert in your field. 
  • Clearly communicating your value to your clients is a priority.
  • You are feeling overwhelmed by how much time, money and knowledge it takes to create your brand.  
  • As a businesswoman, you are shying away from focussing on building up your own personal brand as part of marketing your business instead of sharing your greatness with your audience.   
  • You are seeing online gurus, that are telling you not to have a DIY brand, but you aren’t able to work with a guru yet.

It is your time to share with everyone what an awesome amazing businesswoman you are!

Build your Brand Authority

Meet Nicol:

Hi everyone, My name is Nicol Heard I am your Biz Bestie from Torquay, Australia. My Business Courageous You is about creating a connection with you a fierce businesswoman. I am a Biz Bestie® for women who love their business — helping women to develop a sustainable business in the online environment, I teach you to show up and be consistent by aligning your purpose with a strategy of visibility, impact and awareness.   

Let me share the strategies I have learnt from my 20+ years of being in business for myself and my many accreditations.  I will give you the tools to achieve your goals to overcome your challenges, remove your roadblocks and get your business on track for success.