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    Being your Biz Bestie allows me to help you create an online biz being confident, consistent and aligned with your biz.  My strengths lie in supporting you in Biz.

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    I’m nicol heard

    Living as a courageous soul and someone who loves being my own boss.   Enjoying the highs, lows and excitement that come with being self-employed.

    Having four business’s after leaving the corporate world, I am very familiar with everything involved in being a success.   How to combine strategies and cut loose what isn’t serving me. I offer you the support, for your business and personal life for you to continue on your journey. We will create together the mindset of worthiness, confidence, self-forgiveness and whole-hearted living.

    Through my strength and support, I help you find their passion and focus for your business to flourish.

    I created Courageous You for the modern businesswoman. Because I love working with women like you, I wanted in on the action. Plus, I am an awesome bestie. You know the kind; you can always pick up the phone and call, and we’ll know exactly where you’re at, gives fantastic advice, but will never tell you something untrue to make you feel better? 

    I use my business and bestie talents to help women create sustainable businesses. Together, we’ve created lots of them. 

    In the online environment, I teach you to show up and be consistent by aligning your purpose, niche and strategy. Together, we create your biz intelligence, supporting you, holding you accountable and give you feedback like all good friends do.  

    “I see you.  I am here for you, do you know what your reason to be an entrepreneur is? You can sell a product or a service.  There isn’t a purpose that isn’t of importance to the world.  The vehicle is how you share this purpose.  You have chosen the challenge and opportunity to create a business to share your purpose.” -Nicol


    You are in Biz to be successful – Creating a Biz must align with your values and continually create growth.  The first lesson I teach you after your purpose is to know your client and create an audience that is willing to pay for your service or product.  To learn more you can download my Ebook Target Market Intelligence 


    In particular by introducing my clients to their confidence and courage. Together we will incorporate language, behaviours, emotions and strategy to create success. Assisting women to flourish in their strengths and embrace their uncertainty. In particular, teaching you the difference between your own expertise in your modality and becoming an expert in your biz.  With the intention to understand the world of your client.   Creating sustainability and consistency for your business.  Courage comes from your inner strengthEmbracing the knowledge and skills that empower you.
    Courageous You has allowed me to offer my clients my corporate, small business and academic experience I understand the Anatomy of Business, where you, fulfil a need for your client, patient or student
    Together we will create a team environment that will be collaborative, cohesive and skilled. That will up-level your productivity and experience.

    More of my story

    My story empowers me to encourage you to find your inner strength to assist you on your roller coaster of Biz. My understanding of being in the corporate world, business owner, wife, mother, grieving mother, banker, lawyer, carer, expert, friend, merchandiser, OH&S, debtor and the list goes on.   Please click here to read more of my story.

    Nicol’s Biography

    In June 2017 I finished my Diploma, including positive psychology, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), CBC (Cognitive Behavioural Coaching), Solution-Focused Coaching, Narrative Coaching, Meta health and CBT. Accredited Behavioural, Motivators and Emotional IQ profiling certified practitioner and facilitator. Conversational Intelligence certified coach and have a mindfulness diploma.  

    • Experience in self-employed businesses with my husband since 2002
    • Chief Biz Bestie†µ at Biz Besties
    • A wife and mother of 3 and many furbabies
    • CEO Paddy’s Courage
    • Certified Life Coach
    • Accredited DISC, Motivators, and EIQ-2 Practitioner and Facilitator
    • Conversational Intelligence Certified Coach
    • Mindfulness Diploma
    • LMBDW Torquay Ambassador
    • Chief Networker at Ladies who Drink wine and Meet Torquay
    • My Values are Family, Loyalty, Authenticity, and Integrity

    Taking your Biz seriously takes Purpose, Courage and Foundations

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