GoLiv with your Biz Besties

GoLive with Your Biz Besties ®

GoLive with your Biz Besties ®








Join us to GoLive with your Biz Besties ® whether you want to create a connection or improve your skills Biz Bestie® #GoLive is for you.

We #Golive with the support of our very own buddy who is a guaranteed cheerleader.  You are given 3 prompts help you begin a conversation to get to know you a little bit better.  The first prompt each day is to say hello. Then there is a prompt about your business and then one about you (Not personnel).

It is a great place to be perfectly you, whether this is your first time or you #golive often you will be supported by everyone else. It isn’t a challenge to be perfect but one of being part of a collective and learning more about yourself and others.

Don’t overthink it and make sure you are ready to have fun and shake off any ideas of perfection that may creep in.

You are invited to #GOLive with a Facebook Live every day for 5 days. Someone on the list will be an accountability partner that you can tag for #Golive to acknowledge you have gone live for the day. Each day I will put some suggestions up with what you may want to share about – not mandatory! It will be an excellent opportunity to speak about the weekend or mindset. Learning to connect by using Facebook live increases your engagement by using the Facebook algorithm organically.


  • Being in business can sometimes feel like a lonely affair. Biz Bestie challenges help provide friendship and emotional support.
  • Going Live in a safe space with your own cheerleaders gives you the confidence to show up.
  • Sharing your dreams, aspirations and challenges with a group of committed women makes it a lot less alone! You will naturally raise your game as you spend more time in the company of these like-minded businesswomen – plus of course, the average of the five people you spend the most time with will change – for the BETTER!

You will receive a welcome email and the link to the Biz Bestie Facebook Group so you can be allocated a buddy to go Facebook live that becomes your very own cheerleader for 5 days.

“Loved the community that Nicol established especially with our buddies! The challenge to #GoLive for 5 solid days! So I rode the wave of determination and commitment and did it on my biz for 5 days solid also! Thanks Nicol!”

Join the Biz Bestie® #GoLive

GoLive with your Biz Besties
GoLove with your Biz Buddies

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