What is Authenticity


Definition of authentic

1a worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact 
b conforming to an original so to reproduce essential features 
c made or done the same way as an original 
2not false or imitation realactual
3true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character 
Authenticity is being open, honest and trustworthy. It brings your humanity to your business. Humanity is the personality you bring to your business to create your brand your truth. It is being connected to who we are and what our business represents.
To be authentic, we are vulnerable, sharing our true self. Authenticity does not mean that we don’t have a choice in what we share. Acknowledging our feelings and respect without compromise. Aligning our beliefs with our actions.
An Authentic business is when you have created your brand around your values. Offering your business as its truest form. You will attract clients that are your core tribe. They will have the same expectations and convictions as you. Your tribe will promote your service product etc with their passion and alignment to you. Creating an authentic business is accepting that not all people are your tribe. Be authentic allows this to be okay and acceptance of this is peace.
Business Authenticity
It is in your conviction to your brand/ humanity that will attract your people to your beliefs. This attraction is not only created from great copy but also your actions. Including languaging, body language, facial expression’s, opinions not about business, support and any perception given by yourself. Accepting Fear and self-doubt is accepting your authenticity if you ask where the fear and self-doubt come from.
Being an authentic entrepreneur and having an authentic business can be seen as being separate or the same thing. What is one person’s truth may not be another’s? Every entrepreneur if being honest will have different ways of sharing their authenticity. It is like the old saying goes
The customer is always right
Are they? What is right? If they believe they are right are they safe? It’s okay if they believe they are right, they are right? Depending on the lens we look at this statement nobody is being unauthentic it is what they believe.
Customer Authenticity
Customer’s authenticity can be different to ours but what they want is integrity and how authenticity can serve them.
The PR firm Cohn & Wolfe, found that authenticity encompasses seven attributes from the point of view of consumers:
  • Delivering on promises
  • Providing high quality
  • Treating customers well
  • Protecting customer privacy and data
  • Communicating honestly
  • Being genuine and real, not artificial
  • Acting with integrity
My Authentic Self
My authentic self is that I am direct, honest and trustworthy, Am I less authentic if I am not open with my emotions. Is a person who doesn’t trust, not authentic? Authenticity is in the eyes of the beholder it isn’t a definition of success but a value you choose to embrace. Remembering that authenticity can only be true to you, and how you live it.
An Entrepreneur must back themselves and believe in their authenticity. You choose to be in business to serve and share your message the only person who can do this is you. Your clients will align with you if you are authentic to yourself.