Creating a Sales opportunity is more than crafting copy.

Creating sales content is a journey that you align with your client’s sensitivities and what they need from your service and or products in your life. We are in business to create revenue to create our lives in a way that honours us. Todo this we need paying clients.

Our clients begin their buying journey before they are aware of us. Your client has a trigger that they want to find the answer or solution that will fulfil a need to make their life better. Therefore we need to know our paying client Target Market so we can understand what that “something” is. Allowing us to understand what they are hoping the answer or solution will be and how they want it to make them feel. Do your clients describe “something” as a “problem”? Is it a negative or a positive description?

Why write content

Knowing these answers is the key to creating success in your sales strategy. If you need further help to define who your client is and what you need to know from your paying client, you can download my free ebook.

We have been discussing the steps to convert your content into sales with intention and outcome. Creating awareness of you and your brand.   Creating a client expectation is the quickest way to build trust and a wanting for more of the value you provide. Being successful, you will move your audience from passive to those who engage with us and our content building their faith in our expertise, making a give and take relationships and an allegiance to our brand.

As a general rule, we have created two pieces of discoverable content, one community content and one sales content.

Sales Content

If we have introduced ourselves, given value delivered on our client expectations, we also have an awareness of our audiences sensitivity to have a sales conversation.

The sales conversation permits us to change our use of language. We introduce our call to action, price and ask for a commitment to ourself and themselves. Also have taken our audience on a journey a sales conversation is the summary.   Knowing the triggers (positive or negative), and we know the benefits that our clients want to achieve and how to get them.

In sales content, we build the excitement that we know the solution. We can offer a pot of gold. We create an urgency to stop our audience from reading or viewing our sales content and click a link where they purchase from us.

Sales Journey

In summary, we have created content to let our unknown audience know that we recognise that they are searching for a solution. We share how we can help them with this immediately. Our clients have moved to be followers, subscribers, and engaging with the value we are providing them. We continue to create

  • Know
  • Like
  • Trust
  • Credibility

Our clients now want what we have and want the solution; it is a priority to them. Remembering that creating fewer sales content and creating more awareness of our brand will increase our audience.   Therefore, creating a greater pool of potential paying clients. Remembering a bigger pool is only useful if they are your paying clients and you have done your research.

Your Audience

Become Target Market Intelligent

It is time for you to become an expert in the people who are looking for your expertise.

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