The journey of being in Biz.

You’ve started the journey of being in Biz.  Like, many amazing women out there who are choosing to build a legacy in your Biz.  What a journey you have chosen to embark upon. Often it will feel like you are on a roller coaster the ups the downs, the speed and the loops.   When it stops there is exhilaration and for other’s a disappointment that it wasn’t the journey you wanted.

The idea of biz:

The concept of biz often looks like a great way we can share our vision to create a better world.  It starts to be a purpose and usually we have an expertise or a passion for filling a gap within.  The excitement to have your colours, logo, website says you are a biz woman. Everything is shiny but hang on I thought everyone would be behind me spreading the word?  

Journey of being in Biz

What comes next?

I am in the biz, and everyone else should be knocking down my door because I know I can help them.   This is where we step and become a Businesswoman who takes herself seriously. Have you registered you biz name if trading as anything but your legal name with ASIC?  Nope setting up a facebook page or website does not make your business a legal entity.

Are you following the laws of your state?  Do you know what terms and conditions you need? What about a privacy policy? If you are starting mastermind, they need their terms.   What about public liability insurance. If you open a biz, all the above is needed to protect yourself.  Being a heart centred biz does not excuse you from setting up the above. You can celebrate you have clear boundaries.   No need to worry about cancellations, refunds or accountability.

Creating your Tribe

The next step is to identify who you are going to message too?  I get it, most of us do, “YOU” can help everyone and you know what? You can.  The bad news is that our concentration span that continues to get less. The reader often cannot understand who you are selling to unless it is evident to them.  The more confusing the message/ copy, the more likely you will lose a potential client. If it’s not easy to say yes, then the scroll or the flick keeps going. A confused mind will say no.

Knowing who the person is.   You will feel that you can help and be of service too and still live your purpose and go out and become an expert in them.  Let potential clients know you want to make sure that you understand there wants. Even though you know there wants can be superficial and their needs are what need to have a solution upon.  Target market Intelligence creates an audience. Build your products around the urgency of what your clients want and will pay for.

It’s time

It’s time to remember that you are your brand a unique selling point.  You need to be identifiable not only by your visual brand. (What if for some reason you are unique by your colours what happens if someone sees you in black and white?)  Are you recognisable by the conversations you have, the words you use? Will people identify you because they know your face? As Zebras are programmed to recognise each other by their stripes. HUMANS are wired to recognise each other by FACES.  Show us your face, post a selfie – it helps us to connect to you as a REAL person.

Once you have built you services how are you going to get clients to buy from you?  If you aren’t selling something in exchange for money you are just running a very expensive hobby.  This is also a good time to make sure you know your outgoings, so you price your service accordingly.  If not you will need to review what you are paying for and if its necessary for you biz right now.  Yes, we need to invest in ourselves but not at the expense of eating.

Have the right tools

Have systems that make you look professional, and make it easy for your client to continue to say yes.   Check out the ones that have a free limited version. Creating your biz processes make sure to ask yourself the following questions?  What level of service, ease and expertise do you want from a service provider?

If you are an online biz, no doubt you have created a Facebook page.   This is a tool which will achieve far more if you have a system of when to post and how consistent you post.  It is imperative when you start out to use organic scheduling. Know your insights so you learn the most effective time to post.  Don’t forget that often this is the front window to your online biz. Make sure that you use it too is full potential and share why you are unique, not only your modality.

My Advice

My biggest tips are to find your tribe, you do not have to spend money to be found.  Showing up and participating is often free.  It is easy while trying to establish yourself to get fomo, remember if its that good it will still be there. It is a journey that takes time.  As well as it takes money to uplevel spend it wisely.  Not everyone is an overnight success for most of us it can take 18 months to create a consistent income. That is, of course, is if we have been on the same message for most of that time.  Learn to plan, start of weekly, monthly then quarterly. This will give you direction and boundaries to stay in your expertise.

I have touched on the surface of what is needed to create a biz.  A woman in the biz has purpose courage and strategy. You are building a business to have strong foundations and grow. If you would like to chat about creating a direction in your newly established biz, I invite you for a virtual coffee to see if I can help you.

Your Audience

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