Reality is it yours or mine
Reality is it yours or mine?  I saw a vlog this week on the past is gone and the present is now this I agree, yet please do not label my journey as the past. I am not inspired or motivated. My journey is a part of me that creates part of my strength, and my faith in me tomorrow.  My reality is mine, and I have the power to include my past as part of my journey.  It is not gone but apart of me. 
Judging or disregarding someone’s journey as the past is disrespectful. It is important to understand that it is a personal reality and we should never assume we have the same reality. The impact your past gives you comes from the intention it has.
We should never decide the level of emotion that this journey brings along the way. It is this importance that can drive us to create an amazing tomorrow. An importance of an emotion brings along with it the ups and downs. Fear creates uncertainty, and often bring s the unknown, that thing is now different. I survived my worst fear, and now I need to strive for a new normal.
A new normal consists of pain, sadness it also includes gratitude. The life I have, and the choice of not having my life is never a choice but it is a gift of all the positive my son gave me. Wishing for something different may mean I didn’t have him at all and that too would be too much to bear.
What are you including in your story?
Reallity is sometimes being courageousOften in business, we have things happen that are also out of our control. We can make the wrong choices. It is what we do with this path that defines us. We do not say it didn’t happen, we include it as part of our learning, we use this information to honour our self. Embracing the blood sweat and tears in business, empowers us to be better allowing us to serve.
How do you choose to show up when a challenge appears in front of you? What is your goto? There is not a wrong or right answer. Do you become introverted while you understand what you can learn? Do you come out fighting to change the outcome? How about being mindful do you have a meditation process? How do you create a growth mindset to keep moving forward and not stay in your dark place? Empowering yourself includes honoring who you are. This includes what you have achieved and what you have survived it creates your reality.
Our reality is never written the same as someone else’s. Ask your self if not you then who? If not now then when? We can not change our past but it does make us who we are! And who we can be? What in your business has made you who you are? What learnings that you have coped through can you use to serve?
It also is ok for your journey to be a challenge to work through. Whether it be personal or business overwhelm it happens to everyone. You never need to be alone, you can work with a coach or a strategist to build on who you are. Bring your story forward with you. If this isn’t where you are at this moment reach out to your GP, a councillor or contact organisations to help. LifeLine and Beyond Blue offer you immediate assistance. If you need business help to see how amazing your story is and how your journey creates space for you clients lets connect 
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