Creating successful goals, dreams, aspirations are from knowing your purpose. Knowing your why allows you to create steps that align your business with you. Having a sense of purpose is what you return too, to ensure you are on the right track. Do you know your purpose and how it aligns with your business/ Life?
The journey of creating your own business is akin to being on a rollercoaster. The ups and downs make us feel vulnerable, but our passion and truth for our purpose create the adrenaline to stay on the ride.
Knowing your Why?
My purpose comes back to being a Mum. I want my children to achieve what they believe they can. Without settling for less or losing their self-respect. I live with my purpose to be the best I can be always being myself the good and the bad.
The first thing I look at when I want to examine what my Values are is the core of who I am. Mine are Authenticity, Loyalty, Passion and Love these are what some call end values. I describe these values as the description of myself that a person describes me as when they meet me. The vehicle’s that I choose to share my values are with my family, my business and my friendships.
The importance of questioning our Values:
My values serve me well especially in my life and viewed as admirable. Authentic to me is the truth. The truth that I am who I am, take it or leave it. The meaning of Authentic is of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine. Or, made or done in the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles an original. Also, based on facts; accurate or reliable. Within, my life to be authentic has not always been easy as being original, has often come across as tactless. It also has appeared as not the norm. Sometimes I have taken the road less travelled on my own. These three things have been rewarding and challenging. A question I ask myself is how does being Authentic serve me? How can I use this value to serve me in a positive way? What emotional state does it serve? Am I consistently authentic? What decisions do I make because I value being Authentic?
Moving Towards:
Often establishing our purpose via identifying values also highlights what we don’t want. As humans, the oldest part of our brain’s function is to avoid what we don’t like. The ‘amygdala’ is the flight, fright and freeze part of our brain, it encourages us to work hard to avoid what we don’t want. Our brain is using moving away from values. A question we can ask ourselves is what is the most important feeling we want to avoid?
Knowing this helps us with our purpose. Identifying what we are moving towards assists in clarifying the why. Remembering to have a growth mindset always moving towards, not fixed. Being present in the now.
We need our purpose to create our foundation to change the world to a place we want it to be. What do you want to create? I want to create a world where women empower themselves to be able to achieve their purpose.
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