The online advice in online groups how do we interpret the help?
I sit in the online space and wonder what is the woman on the next screen thinking of the latest post, blog, comment? Am I the only person who seeks inspiration online. Am I the only person the reads comments of the same person and rolls my eyes? Do we receive the intended message by reading online messages? Online is allowing us all to have a connected space with others we may of never of connected with. Or discovered new experiences that we may never have found.
The online world makes us connected along as we have an internet connection. We support each other and become experimentors in the business space. We also are purchasing from each other online – but how are we choosing who we buy from?
Who do we choose to Trust? Who are we choosing to read and believe their information is to be true and correct. I read post’s from different coach or mentors and they are offering advice. Where is their experience coming from? Have they had success? Have they had repeated success? How many years have experience in this field that offered you advice in? What education do they have in the field they are offering you advice in have they had?
Is it enough?
Is it enough to become an expert because of a trauma or success that you have experienced as once off? If their story is now their passion what else have they done to be able to assist you? Does the fact that they have followed a business template to be successful business person make them an expert?
What decisions are we making because we choose to use the advice we see online in a post? Have we forgotten the art of researching what we buy into? When we read advice, we usually run the reality through our mind how much we trust their expertise. Also, we make the decision, that this person has our best intentions at heart.
I click on the person’s Facebook page for their business. I ask myself are they the person who I want to answer my question? Depending on what and why they are giving me advice I may go to their about page and check their experience. I also ask myself even though they’re why is important, is it enough to give me the advice I need? Is the fact that a person wants a new lifestyle enough to be selling me their service or product?
What is the main purpose of connecting with someone?
Have I read their story and connected with them through their purpose? What investments have they made in bringing their purpose to you? Who do they follow in the online space, like in person communities, do we have similar beliefs?
These are questions I ask myself in a matter of seconds unconsciously. Do I answer my own questions when posting advice and offers?
When I give advice why am I giving it? Am I giving it from experience, education or my opinion? Also when I do what is the message I am giving online? Am I contributing to connection, and creating trust when I take part of online groups. Am I contributing a two-way conversation? When I choose to receive information from another how am I respecting the person and their information?
How does the conversation you had Online make you feel and what did you want to achieve?  Stop by and visit my Facebook business page where I offer, motivation, conversation a laugh and my story an purpose.
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