Myths of creating an online business!

How many times do you read” I am in business because I get to work when I want” – This is a Big MYTH.  

Being in business is not a fairytale; it is a commitment to practice; it has a life of its own that also needs love, attention, time and money. Having a Business does offer you a lifestyle.  Without careful management, you can cause yourself overwhelm, frustration and stress for very little return.  

Why saying NO to Myths is important!

A businesswoman needs to be an expert in boundaries, and understand that NO is a complete statement. A business needs investment, the less money you have to start it, the more time you need to do it yourself.   Also to become a master of many things not only in your zone of genius. Being a businesswoman means that explaining to many “just because I work for my self doesn’t mean I don’t have business hours I must do.”  Yes, you can choose that you reschedule when you work but the hours still need to be done, either by you or you have to pay someone.  

NO to your business when it is time for you, the commitment needed in your business requires a Boss that is well and is full of health, mindset and love of self and others, compassion for self and others and acceptance of imperfection.  Business MYTHS.  Don’t buy into business advice that doesn’t serve you. 

Saying YES to you!

An online business does not exist without you, and an online business does not give you the freedom of choice we all want if it isn’t successful. The magic of owning your own business is that you can align your career with your values, you can include your loved ones, and it is possible around other commitments (When necessary).  

I love my business and the choices and freedom it gives me, but for it to be a wise investment in my time and money, it continues to need my attention. Business isn’t secure, and many successful business people we often only see when they are successful and have had many challenges, roadblocks and even some failures. The best get up and learn from this.  

I love my business because of the challenges and opportunities it gives me because it is a process of continual growth.  

Busting the Myth of Being in Business

Social media has given anyone who wants to share a message a voice which is impressive and continues to educate us on new and beautiful things. Still, it also has given those who want us to understand that they can offer you bliss if you choose to be in business. Then it isn’t as easy as they promise, and often are struggling to pay their essential bills can create a spiral of imposter syndrome and asking our selves if they can do it why can’t I. Guess what you can have it but stop believing in the magic pill. YOU are very capable, judge your success by the investment and time you can put in your business. Also, create your milestones to celebrate that you can work on to be better, not those produced by other people. 

Business Myths

You cannot go BIG (or someone else’s BIG) if your capabilities and capacity are not available yet?  

  • What are your abilities right now? 
  • How much availability do you have right now?  
  • Do you have time, money or energy to negotiate your priorities? 
  • What is non-negotiable in your life?  
  • What is non-negotiable in your business right now?

Does a victorious life look like you are managing the above? What does success look like to you in your reality?  

Myths of experts

It helps if you didn’t believe the rhetoric that social media says most of the time!   The best and grandest speakers are brilliant, and the copywriters, they all have expertise in their zone of genius, and that is being seen. Often, they have no business experience and are adding to the spiral of failure we can feel when we try to measure up to them. We join because of the excitement (which is cool if you have assessed your capabilities and your capacity of your reality and they align).

Then next, we try to create the same hype that they do and stop being us. We start a list of having to’s, and we need to be like this, we need to sound like this, to be visible we have to be this. At best we create more expectations on ourselves at worst we are creating a world of we have to’s!

Don’t buy into the Myths of experts who’s “zone of genius” is being seen and offer the idea of business being a fairytale that you can buy. If you are in business, it is an investment in your time, money and energy. You need to be an expert in your boundaries and check-in on your reality now and then. Asking yourself what are your capabilities and capacity right now and are your achievements equal to this?

If you want a business strategist that is down to earth and won’t ever promise you a magic bullet, join me for a free chat. We will discuss the opportunities and challenges your business will give you on the way to an amazingly successful business that will offer you the freedom you desire.

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