Magical Is?

Magical is beautiful or delightful in a way that seems removed from everyday life.

There are many ways to reach out and be inspired by the magical in your life.  We can be our feminine, supportive, strong, resilient selves who still want the happy endings.  Even though they occur not as the Wonderful World of Disney promised on a Sunday night.  

“We all have to be on that mission of supporting one another, of empowering one another.”

– Ann Ramakumaran

What is your Magical? – Magical is possible in business when we take the time to create our business purpose, support strong, resilient, feminine women.

Magical World of Disney

The importance of following women who inspire us in unlikely sources can help us with who we want to be within our business.  Since starting Courageous You, I have always had the aim to share with women that they have the strength and resilience to achieve their dreams.   In my particular case, I chose business and to help other women to create theirs; but there are many ways for women to show up and live their purpose.  With this in mind, I try very hard only to use other women as inspiration, which makes Disney an odd choice.

The latest inspiration I have taken is from the 2019 Disney Institute Women’s Leadership Summit.  Three of the Four Keynote speakers were women from different careers.

“The perfect work-life balance doesn’t exist. As a leader, trying to find the ideal work-life balance can prove stressful and cause many challenges. You feel like you are always trying to “get it right,” but that you can never truly get it right. According to Powell, it’s impossible to find the right balance. So, what you need to do is make the right decisions for you and then, most importantly, feel good about those decisions.

Catherine Powell
President, Disney Parks Western Region

I must continue to inspire myself with the magical and share the unlimited power that we as women have and can use to create growth within each other.  It is only when we develop communities that hold each other up and not tear each other down will we grow as a gender.  Often we forget to be the supporter when other women make mistakes or make a choice we don’t agree with.  

Lead with vulnerability and authenticity. Above all, it’s so important to be yourself. Many people view vulnerability as a weakness, but, in fact, it can be your superhero strength. When you expose yourself to risk, you are building trust among your teams and welcoming open lines of communication. This vulnerability will bring your team incredible strength.”

Catherine Powell
President, Disney Parks Western Region

How being a Finalist can be Magical?

This year I am supported and honoured with nominations in two different awards The Brilliance Business Awards.  In the judged in the Best Life and Business Clarity Award and was honoured to be one of the 3 finalists.  Currently, I am a finalist in the People choice award Business Coach and the judged category of Service Business of the year in the Ausmumpreneur Awards.  It is inspirational to be surrounded by so many women who are recognised as nominees and finalists.  These women are thought leaders in their fields.

These awards have given me a  fantastic possibility to be apart of conferences, expos and award presentations.  Also, an opportunity for learning and networking from women who you can welcome into your community.

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