Habits to introduce into your life for better Self-care.

Introducing habits that start small and include healthy social and physical habits.  Purposely concentrating on your breathing and how you speak to each other.

Start of Small.

1.Start with an incredibly small habit

2.Increase your habit in very small ways.   Writing one extra blog post per week will translate into more than 50 extra posts within a year.

3.As you build up, break habits into chunks.  If you run on the treadmill for 25 minutes in the morning and for another 25 in the evening rather than doing the full 50 minutes in one session.

4.When you slip, get back on track quickly

5.Be patient. Stick to a pace you can sustain. Set a goal of attaining slightly fewer new followers on social media than you believe you can attain in a given period of time rather than aiming for an unrealistic objective.)

Deep Breathing

Deep breathing exercises intended to promote relaxation and calmness. Physical exercise and meditation is correlated with many positive effects on physiological health and psychological well-being.
It can decrease anxiety, stress, depression, and feelings of loneliness;
It can boost emotional intelligence, feelings of connectedness, and self-control;
It can positively impact the structure of the brain by increasing grey matter and be augmenting the volume of brain areas connected to emotional regulation and positive emotions; and
It can improve focus, attention, creativity, memory, and the ability to multitask


Social Habits

Purposely changing your social and physical environments in order to decrease the chances of becoming distracted and increase concentrate on the work that must be done.
Use apps explicitly designed to eliminate distractions: FocusBooster, FocusWriter, Forest: Stay focused, K9 Security, Self-Control are all effective programs/apps worth checking out.
Recruit others into your discipline-boosting efforts: Involving others in your plans to develop new habits makes you statistically more likely to commit to your new ways of behaving Social pressure can be used to bring about positive change. Share your goals with friends, family or

co-workers and ask them to hold you accountable if you start veering off the right path. You can also find accountability partners online, using websites like r/ProductivePenPals and r/GetMotivatedBuddies on Reddit as well as apps designed for the purpose.Make small yet meaningful changes to your workspace: place your mobile and other distracting technologies in a room different from the one in which you work. Stick post-it notes with messages of positivity around your computer and on your walls. Try using motivational posters to give you that extra “boost” first thing in the morning or toward the end of the day. Keep pictures of loved ones and significant others close to you.

Physical Habits

From yoga, sports, and weight training to running, swimming, and balance training, engaging in physical exercise on a regular basis has tons of proven health benefits, many of which can contribute directly or indirectly to your discipline, dedication, and productivity levels.

Amongst other benefits, regular exercise has the potential to:

  1. Increase energy levels (short- and long-term);
  2. Decrease stress, anxiety, and depression;
  3. Elevate mood;
  4. Encourage more restful sleep;
  5. Improve memory and other cognitive skills;
  6. Enhance creativity and elevate concentration; and
  7. Positively impact the brain’s neuroplasticity


Self Affirmations

One effective way of incorporating self-affirmations into your daily work life is to take an hour or two.  Write out why you’re trying to create a new company, what you hope to gain by doing so, what you’ve accomplished thus far, and what your potential future will look like once you’ve succeeded.
Keep this piece of paper/poster close to you at all times (e.g., tape it to the wall in your office).
Then, on days when you’re feeling under-motivated or uninspired, you can re-read what you’ve written and thereby reflect on the major goals and objectives you’re pursuing and the reasons why.
This tactic can serve as an effective means of reminding yourself why you get out of bed each morning.


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