Convert your content into income.

Convert your content into income, without the fear that you are not giving enough value in your biz. Understanding that the foundation of business includes our thoughts of how we are going to receive income from others.

With so much competition for your customer’s attention both online and offline these days, it can be one of the biggest challenges as a biz woman to consistently hear the latest and greatest to create continued growth. You are focused on growing your biz numbers specifically. It is essential for you to know how you can use your expertise to convert your value into a return of investment.

As Biz women, we are in a competitive environment as consumers. You often hear that for your biz to be successful, you need to do this specific action. You cannot be successful if you aren’t creating growth. Knowing what you need in the foundations of business can identify how we perceive our biz journey.

In your journey of being in your biz, it is essential to create the foundations of strategy. That gives value to the clients that want to invest in you. My previous blog “The Power of Competition”, I shared that your client’s investment is in time and money. How often do you give more value to the clients that convert your value into their investment?

The Ego of the Biz Woman?

We are in Biz to create a lifestyle, to exchange energies and to receive an income. If you are not placing urgency on this, you have a hobby. Having a hobby that pays is so much fun and offers you the pleasure of additional finance.

If you are on the biz journey, you are potentially withholding your expertise from your market. This means they are finding help elsewhere. You are not converting your expertise into income. The question of are you are biz person or a hobbyist may sound condescending. I want you to be ok with your decision as up-levelling into biz means you need to make a clear choice to step into it.

What are the steps to be aware of?

The first step to being a biz woman is to check our ego. Ego can be our number one friend or biz enemy. It allows us to protect our value and share with others what we can create to empower our clients with our gifts.

On the other hand, it can also stop us from being open to listening to what our clients want to invest. It prevents us from seeing what our Biz may need. However, ego can also allow us to know that we need all those bright shiny objects to better our biz.

The other side.

The other side to this is we need to trust that we know what our clients want because we have Target Market Intelligence. We are creating a list of clients that are made up of potential sales, freebie voyeurs and the wish listers those who want to work with you but the jury is still out.

You create these lists via social media handles, opt-ins and client lists. Consequently, you intend to grow a list of potential clients from giving them access to the value you have to offer and how you can empower your client to invest in you. Despite knowing that growing a list is to convert your investment in time and effort into income, we can lose sight that numbers become more important than conversion. We need to beware of the need to be popular in numbers only.

Popularity and the numbers.

You have to have lists to identify those who are interested in what we do. It is how you convert this information that creates its value. In the foundation stages of Biz, it is essential to know that a clean list is more important than an extensive list.

For example: If you have a list of 100 people, how many of them are following out of friendship, family or you have been referred by someone out of loyalty. A competitor or a freebie hunter are following you. These are not the people who are converting your time and effort into income. Yes, they might buy from you one day.

Unquestionably it is even more critical to have a target market strategy. Know who is on your list and has more potential to convert into an income stream. At this stage of your Biz journey, it is essential to learn your open rates, engagement, links and your income.

Converting your value into clients.

Are you thinking that I am seeing consumers as future income? I guess I am. In this article, I will explore thoughts around creating conversion. I believe that your followers deserve the best you can give them to help them realise that they want what you’re selling. Is growing your list and creating content because it makes you feel popular? What boundaries are your creating? If this rings true, I wonder if are you valuing yourself.

The biggest lesson I would like you to learn is to know your hourly rate and if you were able to receive a salary from yourself and how much time you spend creating value and its dollar value. Value including content that can be consumed without client investment (Name, email, phone number or payment) including blogs, Facebook posts and Instagram.

It includes posting information where your client does invest. Some of this content is opt-in’s, webinars and some Facebook groups (participants spend a lot of their time in these groups).

A woman on a Biz journey should be aiming for the ultimate list of paying clients. It is this list that allows us to give our highest self back to our clients, and those potential clients on all of our lists.

Convert your value from here?

I invite you to consider several aspects as a starting point after processing this blog.

  • Differentiate between if you are in biz as a hobby or not, with no room for hesitation.
  • Check your Ego.
  • Know your hourly rate.

I’d love to hear how you’ve gone with this exercise by either posting below in the comments, popping over to the Biz Bestie Facebook group or sending me a message here.

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