In creating content, it is necessary to have two things in mind: your intention and outcome. One is to Inform, Identify or sell within the parameters of your values. The second is to know your business outcome. What is this going to achieve for your business? where will it take your client next on your client journey? Knowing these two things will help with the overwhelm of creating an executing your marketing strategy. A marketing strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim.

In speaking about different types of content and how they are delivered, we should focus on general rules to understand. 

  • Content is for your audience, not algorithms. Algorithms are following what people are responding to positively.
  • Create content for quality over quantity.
  • If you take no other advice from this article, Know Your Audience.

How many of us are guilty of creating content to work with an algorithm. It is a theme day in a group, and you have to come up with something, everyone else is doing (FOMO), and even though you may never have had this idea, you begin to introduce it in your content because others are getting engagement.

Relying on the above can be a hit and miss strategy. Often our first impressions we share are following someone else’s rules and not created with both our intention and our outcome in mind.

Content for your Audience

In this article, I am talking about your audience as a group of people who are more likely to pay for your services, they identify with what you are talking about, and it triggers emotions in them that it will help better their life. If you would like help with working out who your target market is, and often this can be the biggest block besides being visible in an online business. I have a free resource Target Market Intelligence Ebook.

Our audience journey often begins online before they meet us because they have searched for an answer, or we a suggestion or a referral or have stumbled upon us on a social media platform.  

Let me introduce you to an essential type of content, as it is where we ask people to add us to their list of services and products that they follow with the hope of making their world better. It is time to create our first impression. These people until now have no idea who you are!

Because of curiosity, your audience has found you because you have an exciting title, an image/ thumbnail and hopefully, your audience has found you from a piece of content and platform optimised for search engines.

In this stage, we want to create an expectation of who we are as a service or product, what we promise and how we deliver successfully on this promise. Inbound Marketing: Process of attracting clients to your business.

Content is important in your strategy.

Do you know that the consumer has made 70% of the buying decision? Before they come to you?

Which means marketing is an integral part of our business.

  • visibility
  • consistency
  • trust

A way to increase confidence is to teach your audience something they don’t know. If you have been successful, you have quickly confirmed they were right to watch. Awareness is the necessary part of your branding, and it is the beginning of the get to know you process.

In the online space, we have become sceptical. In our content, we need to create trust. If people don’t believe you and in the outcome, you are promising they won’t buy from you.

The Awareness Stage is where we begin the process of attracting people to our business. Where we position ourselves as an expert, we spell out how we will improve our client’s lives.  

Discoverable Content

A Discoverable Content creates your first impression, so it is worth putting in the extra effort. These are the video’s that you may want to produce and edit. People learn who you are and what you do before you ask for the buy-in from them.  

In this type of content, we need to be aware of the language we use primarily in videos. Ending language like, Hey I hope this video was helpful, or Subscribe, and I’ll see you in the next one stops people from staying to watch. 30 – 40% of your audience will remain to watch your video’s and consuming more and more content if they know what they will see in the next video.  

For example: “Now you know the importance of intention and outcome when producing your content, click on this link to find out about Community Content and how we get more engagement from our audience.” We confirm what we have spoken about, and we have delivered on our promises also have more value to offer. You are being invited to stay on my website, or social platform where you are viewing this and join me on my next piece of content I am creating a specific journey that I want you to go on to help your life get better and where I want you to be for my business outcome win-win.

In this type of content, we welcome a new audience to our business, we have created integrity that we offer our audience they know we want to serve them more than telling them about ourselves. Don’t be the businesswoman who only likes to talk about her business. Therefore doesn’t focus on your audience and what they are asking? We can share our story in other ways. We must understand that your audience buys from you to improve their lives, so they need to know how you will do this. If your business outcome is for your business to support you with an income, we mainly need to remember what our clients need to hear from us.

Your Audience

Become Target Market Intelligent

It is time for you to become an expert in the people who are looking for your expertise.

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