It is human nature to want to be apart of a community. Similarly, we want our content to form a community or an audience who want to consume what we share. The expectation of being in a community can create overwhelm as can content creation.  In my previous article, we spoke of the three rules to keep in mind.

  • Content is for your audience, not algorithms. Algorithms are following what people are responding to positively.
  • Create content for quality over quantity.
  • If you take no other advice from this article, Know Your Audience.

Creating content to be found and created awareness of our brand through our discovery content. We have created an expectation that we can be trusted and deliver value as we promised.

Community Content

It isn’t a new concept, and many of you will be creating this content, but you also may be doing because you were told to be visible, and this is the best way. It is an integral part of your marketing strategy; let’s talk why. As the second part of your content strategy, Community Content is where your audience and followers are yours. Also known as the consideration phase. Content marketing an act of teaching and problem solving to continue to earn trust and give value.

You have captured your client’s interest, and they Identify as your audience and followers. These people have said yes they want more video’s from you. They commit to being a passive client (an audience that hasn’t paid you – yet). Our goal is to give value and create growth through Know, Like and Trust.

Content that matter’s

Community content is essential, and it educates, it entertains, it is where your audience gets to know you, likes you and what matters the most trusts you. Share with your audience the value they crave and want to consume from you remember not to take advantage of their loyalty.  

It is easy to remain in this content creation phase as it can be more comfortable talking about what we know. We must focus on the outcome of why we create community content, and for most of us, it is to provide us with an income to pay our bills and make our own lives better.

Where does community content appear?

This type of content is informative content your audience will see blog articles, Facebook updates, Instagram photos, YouTube videos and tweets. The more value you provide to people, the more they will trust you and want to engage with you.

Relationship building

We know who our audience is and know that they have said yes to us, in this content, we need to share with these clients that we are their service or product. Relationships on social media are only made when you’re passionate about the people you’re speaking too. You care and are interested in people, but if it’s not real, you’ll only end up getting stressed out.

Don’t be fake; the easiest way to stop the overwhelm is to be yourself and share your expertise with authenticity and within your values. Creating content in a way that doesn’t represent you and is emulating someone else can prevent your clients from trusting you. Sharing other people’s content is excellent, but it will never set you apart as a leader in your niche.

An expert does not know the answer to everything, and you will appear more genuine.

Engagement is our focus.

In community video, our focus is to get engagement by our audience. We can do this by asking questions. Content creation is all about engagement, ask for feedback from your audience. Instead of assuming that you know what your client’s emotional triggers are, they ask them.

The aim is to speak directly to these people lets continue to build relationships with your audience. What can you create to increase engagement on your platforms? What value can you give? How can we ask our audience to contribute to: What can we ask them?

For example; I know you are already showing up consistently without using video or including FB lives into your strategy. How do you think you can use a discovery video in your plan?

It can be easy to be afraid of asking for feedback; they’ll see you as weak or indecisive. Precisely the opposite is true: by asking for feedback, you’re demonstrating that you care about what your audience thinks. You want your readers/ viewers to know that you’re willing to do what it takes to meet those needs.

The aim is to speak directly to these people lets continue to build relationships with your audience. What can you create to increase engagement on your platforms? What value can creating conversation give to your content? How can we ask our audience to contribute to: What can we ask them?

What do we need to remember

  • All content needs to have an intention and outcome
  • You need to be you
  • Have fun, create with your audience in mind

You have read about the importance of creating relationships in this article, click on this link to find out about how we use content to convert into sales.

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