Client Statement – Five truths to Creating a solution for your business.

A client statement lets our clients know you understand them and the outcome they want and the benefits they receive when working with you.  Understanding that creating a Niche, we need to stop listening to our head (EGO) and start using our heart brain. How can I serve my clients? In this digital age, it takes 0.7 secs to create a first impression.

What is a Niche?

A niche is a client statement that reinforces to your customers that you offer a service. What does it create, avoid or heal depending on the solution required?   How specific is up to you and what problem you are solving. Creating a niche allows you to own what you do, become a specialist and an expert in your zone of genius. Don’t avoid creating a niche because of a definition you’ve heard, and it’s frightened you off?

Niche products and services have the potential to generate income if they capture the hearts, minds and wallets of a dedicated consumer base. You create clients who you enjoy working with, and you become the creator of your service, you offer your niche’s valuable insight and advice. While a competitor may tout their “multi-service one-stop-shop”, your niche prefers a specialist. Your competitor may be a low-cost leader, but your niched client is grateful for high-quality service. Let your audience know you are speaking to them by crafting a client statement that tells them you can see them and you know and the outcome they want.Why do I need a client statement?

With this in mind here are my five steps for your Client Statement:

  1. A client has a problem. This is what they are looking to fix, very rarely do they choose a modality first.  They recognise that you have identified their problem. If you quickly don’t stop the scroll with this awareness, your prospective clients will keep scrolling.
  2.  Your label or profession isn’t going to stop the scroll, and again no-one cares that I am a coach with a list of qualifications, if you don’t know what their problem is. You are reading this because you have an interest in creating a niche or often being anti-niche.
  3. Creating a niche is saying that you are the goto specialist, expert in a specific problem/ skill. Do you want to be a GP or a Specialist? Who gets paid more for there services?
  4. It isn’t advisable to choose a niche because of someone’s ability to pay. It is none of your business. People often aim their services at businesswoman/ entrepreneurs in the hope they earn more money, how many business solopreneurs think they have money in addition to there business needs? A woman who is fully employed may have more expendable cash to buy offers/ service/ products as they know next week they have more income coming in. So is it wise if you are not offering a specific service for a solopreneur to aim it at them? You may never know who can afford your services. This assumption may mean you have not found your client. If your offer is what a client wants/needs, they will find the money to invest in you. Similar goes for undercutting your prices. This may also not bring your ideal clients.
  5. Lastly but not least, don’t pivot your niche in frustration, if you know who you are helping, how you are helping and what results your client is looking for and you have done your Market research. if you have confidence in your niche don’t change it. Let people get to know that this is your service, and what you create, supply or avoid.

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