Anatomy of Business

The Anatomy of Business

Anatomy of business is how you set up your business. How many times do you go online and you see a blog, or a meme telling you that someone else can teach how to do your business better? Business is not one size all proposition. The strategies you create to be the best you to set the best intentions to serve within a heart space is up to you. It helps us all if we remember the anatomy of a business, whether it be service or product-driven. A business provides a need that is created by a customer. We choose to make someone’s life better, and we answer, but it needs to be the answer the consumer wants in the way they want it.



We define what we do by the messages we give our clients. An authentic message will offer your customers an option that you are the one they want to prioritise into their plan. Creating a relationship with your clients allows you to create what the customer wants as they already have a connection with you, and they want you to their answer. 

Authentic Self

Mostly in your anatomy of business is establishing your authentic self by identifying our values, strengths and passions allow you to speak in your integrity.

It is essential to know who you are, and the people you want to serve. What is it that you bring, that no one else does. How can you bring the best of yourself and inspire your customer’s best?

  • What are your values?
  • What is your passion?
  • Whom do you want to help?
  • What are your strengths?


Once you have established who you are, you will be confident in yourself. You will be able to be adaptable in your messaging as you know who you are. You become so comfortable with yourself you can change the language of your message so you can help the customers who didn’t know they needed your help. When adaptability becomes one of your strengths, you acknowledge that you can control how your message can be heard in your client’s language.

Your Passion in Business

Create and connect with passion, think, journal, speak your desires for what you want to achieve as often as possible, so you don’t lose sight of what makes you the difference in what you are providing. If not you, who? If not, now, when? And if not your business then who’s?

Know the Anatomy of your Business.

Business is not one size all proposition. How you do and want your business to look like is up to you. Take advice, honour your authentic self, be a lifelong learner open your mind to new learnings, respect opinions of people who have gone before you. Be confident, so you can be adaptable to meet your customer needs within your message. How does the anatomy of business in your plan look like? If you want to check your business plans book in here:

Your Audience

Become Target Market Intelligent

It is time for you to become an expert in the people who are looking for your expertise.

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