Boundaries are something we all want, and most of us have difficulty creating them, let alone embodying them into our lives.  Similarly to all the choices we have, they are on a razor’s edge of being healthy and keeping us focused or creating a condition that stops us from seeing the opportunities that we need to see.

We seek boundaries often when we are in the overwhelm of life, and we have put too much on our plate, we stop seeing the magic in what we are creating and search for what we don’t want.  We start putting conditions in our way of not creating, and why we are not living in our genius.  The how becomes more important than the end result.

I have been talking to a student who is depleted in her business, and she feels responsible for her clients’ growth, and if she isn’t there for them, she is letting them down and maybe judged as a bad leader.  In this example, her clients also have clients of their own.  The overwhelm now extends to her family as when she takes the time to help a client out of their designated time or find it easier in their business because she is the first point of contact, she is saying no to her children.  Now the circle extends to being judged by her family and herself as a bad mum and breaking agreements with them.


Deciding to focus on her end results and what her life will be like when she succeeds in her goal can remove the labels attached to her choices.  In this case, she could empower her clients to step into their power, become their expert and give them the confidence in their business leadership.  Removing the labels of good and bad helps us in our decision-making process as who we are to make decisions for each other, especially those we lead.  What you see as a bad decision I may see as stepping into your power.

This amazing woman has other end results in her life that align with her heart but her inner voice saying she is busy.  Her ego is hearing her say I’m too busy for more.  Our very brilliant ego keeps us from harm, and all of this story is reinforcing its belief that we cannot take on more.

Are you ready to create boundaries?

When you are ready to create boundaries, it is important to know how they will affect you and your end-result. By making a boundary or breaking your boundaries are you respecting yours and others sovereignty in the situation?

If you don’t create your boundaries what permissions are you giving your ego,

  • what is it allowed to do?
  • what won’t you create because your inner talk has allowed your ego to save you from your feelings?

It is important to remember our beliefs create our reality.

Please don’t lose sight of the end goal, by letting yourself believe in you have to do it all. Keeping focused on what you want to be successful in will create a new belief and therefore, a new reality.

You always have the answers, and often as soon as you share them with someone else, the answer appears to you. It can be obvious for someone else to reflect what is going on to you if you would like to renew your focus on what aligns with your heart or what that may look like click on one of the links.


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