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Assuring customer satisfaction is a secret ingredient of extraordinary sales success. You will benefit two ways
by assuring each customer.

First, this assures repeat business. Almost all products have a life cycle and will be replaced or upgraded. Customers have a tendency to return to the salesperson who previously matched them with a product that met their needs and then provided excellent service and follow-up.

Secondly, satisfied customers are excellent sources of referrals. Customers talk. They talk about poor service
and they talk about extraordinary service. When they get super service, they refer others to the salesperson

who delivered on his or her promises.

Without repeat business and referrals, a salesperson must constantly prospect and cold-call new accounts.
That is not the way most salespeople want to spend their lives… and it certainly is not the best way to be

When you start the sales process, you have a chance to begin building a good customer relationship.
However, it is only after the sale, when you make sure your customer is satisfied (preferably delighted!), that
you really cement the relationship.

Sales Success, how can the Biz Bestie HelpAssessing/Exploring Needs & Wants:

The purpose of Exploring is to get an accurate picture of the customer’s needs and what it will take to provide an effective solution.

  • To do so, you need to listen to what the customer says as well as know how to ask the right questions to get the information you need.
  • Asking intelligent questions is a critical sales skill. It does not require asking many questions – just the right
  • Asking questions is similar to painting a picture. You start with a blank canvas and begin to fill in the background and rough in the picture with broad-brush strokes.

    Then you fill in the details using finer and
    finer strokes.

Solving the buyer’s problem/Educating & Collaborating:

During this phase, you and your client collaborate to find a solution that meets the client’s needs. It is a process of taking your client’s ideas and combining them with your own ideas to arrive at a solution that makes sense to both ofBiz Bestie and Sales Success

The give-and-take exchange can be thought of as an opportunity to “switch heads” with your customer.
Imagine saying this to your customer: “If you and I could switch heads, that is, if you could know what I know
about my product and if I could know what you know about your business, we would both know exactly how to give you the best possible solution for your needs.”

Sales success is your goal – to come as close as possible to the perfect knowledge that would allow you to develop the ideal solution for your client.

Achieving Sale Success

To achieve that sales success, you need to exchange enough information to fully understand your client’s business, industry, trends, and challenges; and they have to know as much as possible about your products and services and how they can help them. As you propose a solution, relate it to the customer’s needs discovered in the Explore phase and explain how it will work in your prospect’s
environment.  Do you want help knowing who your paying client is chat with me on this link.

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