Dear Amazing One,

I see you.  I am here for you, do you know what your reason to be an entrepreneur is? You can sell a product or a service.  There isn’t a purpose that isn’t of importance to the world.  The vehicle is how you share this purpose.  You have chosen the challenge and opportunity to create a business to share your purpose.
What do you feel when you speak about what you do? Does it create a warmth in you? Do you feel exhilarated that you can share you propose from the top of your roof because it makes you feel so good?
Before you go setting up business models, funnels, maps, messaging, strategy or niching seek clarity around your purpose.
Creating, niche, system set-up, marketing, visibility and sales all can create entrepreneurial exhaustion if done, only for the sake of getting something done.
If you are not passionate about your purpose you will very quickly question why you are doing all of the above.
What is it that creates warmth, exhilaration, passion when you think that you are creating a solution, awareness about?
What are the feelings you get when you are creating all the possibilities to live your purpose?
Do you love what you do? Does it lead you to your WHY?
1. My passion always has been to create a life for my family, that I am available for my children when they need me.
2. My passion is to be my children’s role model to create a life that has opportunities and challenges and it is our responsibility to use both and create our dreams
3. Lastly, it is that all women know they have the strength to create the life they want. We all have the strength inside us we just have to have the courage to look for it.
I have been doing the first and second for nearly 18 years, running our own businesses with my husband in our motel, resort, delicatessen and now as your Biz Bestie.
The third became part of me after surviving a loss of our son.
See it doesn’t matter the vehicle I live my passion or purpose, but at the end of the day, I am complete because I am being satisfied always moving forward even in the challenges to make my why to happen.  Is what you are doing aligned with your purpose? Is it moving you closer to achieve your why? What steps are you taking to live with your passion?
Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.  Your dreams are yours to have, create goals and from the opportunities and challenges that occur you can design your life.
An amazing woman started a business to write novels to entertain the masses – Maya Angelou or Valentina Tereshkova was a textile worker who was the first woman to go into space or A daughter of a greengrocer who became British prime minister and Wendy Henry a dog lover that became the first female editor of Fleet Street.
If you fight for your dreams, your dreams will fight for you.  You and your purpose are important I am here to be you Biz Bestie, we will laugh, and maybe cry, I will hold your hand and ask you the question you need to be asked and hold you accountable,
I will cheer on but most importantly I WILL SEE YOU.

If you need clarity in your business, please book in with your BIz Bestie here for 30-min call here


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