Biz Buddies – Mastermind for women

Visibility | Consistency | Strategy | Growth | Sales

Mastermind for women in business who have a burning desire to be manage the growth an profit in their business.


Biz Buddies is a program that supports you to be accountable in your business to the most important person “YOU”.  Like minded women know how lonely it can feel creating a business in the virtual world.  Where you can start believing your own negative thoughts.


My unique way of mentorship is friendship, honesty, love and self-responsibility.  Having a Business Bff in your pocket allows you to have the support of my 18+ years in business.

Helping You Achieve Success

Unlock Your Businesses Full Potential.

Creating growth  when you work virtually can be lonely and you start believing your own thoughts.  Joining the Biz Buddies Membership offers you the opportunity to not be alone in your business.  Biz Buddies offer’s a combination of brainstorming, education, peer accountability and support in a group setting to sharpen your business and personal skills. A mastermind group helps you and your mastermind group members achieve success. Members challenge each other to set strong goals, and more importantly, to accomplish them.

A monthly charge of $75

Mastermind Once a month you sit in the Hot Seat & share your business.

Weekly Co-working

Online Learning Library including Strategies for Social Media, Clients, Sales and Technology. Also including Planning Templates

Private Facebook group for members only.

What Is Biz Buddies for?

Biz Buddies is for Businesswomen who have run their business day to day without growth and profit. I know that you can help so many people have a better life. However, your business is not how you thought it would be.  Attracting clients; Being visible; Converting content into Sales and knowing what knowledge to use and when to use it gets frustrating and overwhelming. It feels like you are at a theme park on a rollercoaster one day and a merry go round the next going round and round.

Monthly Charge $75 



Monthly Mastermind

With a maximum of 10 people each participant has an opportunity to discuss their business in a brainstorming session with each other. Under the guidance of Nicol and her expertise you receive actionable tasks and goals to further your success.  It is also a chance to learn from other members experiences.  We meet each week on Zoom.  If you are not able to attend you still can have your business discussed on the hotseat.  Your session will be recorded and sent to you if you are unable to attend.

Weekly Co-Working

Every week there is a minimum opportunity to attend 1 co-working session.  Each one consists of:

  • 10-min introduction Share what you have decided on the task to be done.
  • 20-min Pomodoro Session
  • 5-min Check in
  • 20-min Pomodoro Session
  • 5-min Check in
  • 20-min Pomodoro Session
  • A short conclusion

These are all held via zoom (These are not recorded)

Every Monday you have the opportunity to meet to create your goals to set up your week and create a plan how you will achieve them.


Resource Library

An online library that allows you to access templates and guides:

  • Facebook Live Quick Guide and Asana Template
  • Target Market Intelligence Ebook
  • Strategy to Launch
  • How to create 7 Essential Sales videos
  • 5-Part branding training
Online Learning

Each week you will receive information to keep you up-to-date with Social Media and Technology to streamline your business and reduce the overwhelm to have reliable workflows. You will not have to keep starting over, and when you are ready to have processes, you can outsource.

  • Youtube Channel
  • Algorithyms
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Apps and Programs
  • Best practice’s
Quarterly Business Planning

Every quarter we will spend 90 minutes creating a business plan.  We will discuss what is working in your business and what’s not and what can you repurpose that is creating success for you in other areas of your business.

    Facebook Group

    Biz Buddies benefit has a home, and a group of people you can ask for help whenever you have a problem, a question, or are feeling stuck. For me, the first port of call whenever I need support is to ask the people in Biz Buddies if they’ve got a few minutes to help me chat through something. Biz Buddies often do this for one another. It feels terrific to have this kind of support and to be able to support others in this way too.  If Facebook is to busy for you you can pop over to the online community platform.

    Monday Meeting

    Every Monday you have the opportunity to set your self up for the week.  You can share your Goals, challenges and most importantly celebrate what you have achieved over the past 7 days.  It is a time to be witnessed as the business woman you are.

    I am so pleased to have found Nicol Heard and her Biz Buddies mastermind group. She tells it you straight with the utmost respect, is highly supportive to your needs and my intentions are being achieved. In a couple of months, I’ve have sorted my niche, am getting more structured in my marketing which was a real issue impacting my consistency and I feel my marketing copy has also come along in leaps and bounds. If you want someone in your corner, than I highly recommend Nicol. ♥

    Nicol is an authentic and very supportive woman and biz coach. No holding back, I love her passion for her business and supporting women in business!

    Her dedication to supporting women to rise and thrive is so inspiring and I love her work, in our sessions Nicole has helped me to gain clarity, given me some fab recommendations that I have followed through with and this has created some shifts in my offerings!

    Thank you gorgeous one!.”

    Nicol wears her heart on her sleeve and will never make you feel less than… She is wildly passionate about her business in helping you find clarity in your business that will help you see past your own fog. 
    wild, courageous you, see’s the wild courageous in me. 
     Thank you for all you’ve done. .”

    Find Your Balance. Set Your Goals. Take A Challenge. Reward Yourself.

    Biz Buddies mission is to give you strategy in your Biz. It is a paid mastermind that offers you learning opportunities, accountability and help you create a paying audience and create your unique sales point. 

    It is not a place of overwhelming to add a task to your already busy life. 

    You will be offered support to nurture your clients and up-level your self, which will create successful client relationships. You will generate growth for you and your clients and the opportunity to invest in each other.

    This Mastermind includes participation, and it is the participant’s responsibility to engage in the sessions.

    Are You Ready

    Biz Buddies is a women only mastermind.  For women who want to have the skills to run their business and be confident in managing when and where they are seen.  You learn useful techniques, along with being able to brainstorm with other successful women and have a business mentor.

    Every Thursday you are invited to bring what needs doing in your business in co-working in pomodoro sessions.  You have a library of social media resources to help you be an expert in your chosen platform and to create content with intention.